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ProWoos to provide WooCommerce support for REAL8

Starting on January 8, 2018, the ProWoos Team will be providing infrastructure and technical support to the REAL8 Global CryptoCurrency venture. REAL8 is a new global CryptoCurrency aiming to endow the less fortunate segments of our society with the technological resources that will allow them to make use of some […]

WooConf - Fall 2017 - Seattle

State of the WooConf

This year has been absolutely amazing for the WooCommerce platform. With over 42% market share it is now the most widely used software for the creation of online stores, and it keeps growing exponentially. The WooCommerce Developers Conference celebrated in Seattle on October 19 & 20 was a unique opportunity […]

Storefront Theme

How to make your WooCommerce store accessible

There are many owners of online stores who seem to think that their websites are of no interest to people with disabilities, or that the percentage of people with disabilities that could visit their stores is so small, that is not worth the investment needed to make their websites accessible. […]