WooCommerce and Your Success

The whirlwind of electronic commerce can sometimes be overwhelming. Deciding how to sell your products, what approach is best for your brand to shine, and on top of that figuring out the technicalities of setting up an online shop can be a messy process.

We understand your concerns! Setting up a website or a blog can seem terrifying. There are so many website building options out there that you just cannot take the leap and get started, but however simplistic and creative some website builders may look, you need to look at the facts. Every beginning is hard, but when it comes to selling and purchasing, there are simple steps you can take to make your business bloom.

There is something called WordPress that continues to rule amid all other website builders. Many web developers, programmers or just satisfied users will tell you that the first name that pops into their mind when they think of a beautifully arranged website is WordPress.

WordPress is a platform that can power your personal blog or e-commerce website. In actual fact, 49% of top 1 million websites are built on WordPress. Even official governments use it to serve their citizens. Website owners love its famous 5-minute install and the fact that it’s free.

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Another huge advantage of selling your merchandise on WordPress blogs is WooCommerce. A functional extension, it is the facilitator of over 24% of all eCommerce business ventures on the Internet today. With WooCommerce you are guaranteed to present your products in the best light. It is highly customizable and easy to use. It certainly stands out from its competitors. Renowned brands such as The New Yorker, Men’s Health and Disney seem to agree.

People that have never tried e-commerce are mistakenly convinced that selling online is effortless. There are so many aspects you must take care of, that the focus shifts from selling to agonizing. WooCommerce works as a charm for business newbies that have a lot depending on their online sales.

Among the features shop owners appreciate the most are:

  • WooCommerce is wildly creative, offering something special for all types of businesses.
  • WooCommerce is desktop and mobile-friendly, meaning anyone can make a purchase, whether they are at home or riding on the metro.
  • Layout and content based on the user-friendly WordPress CMS.
  • Google Analytics Integration allows you to be continually aware of traffic, types of sales, and it spares you the headache of doing the research yourself.
  • You get to offer customers free shipping, instant downloads, and subscriptions.
  • Your product can be put into categories, and efficiently delivered overseas.
  • Promotional codes to help turn visitors into regular customers.
  • Options to filter comments, such as showing those from verified buyers only.

Another added perk is the WooCommerce Recommendation Engine which suggests products to your customers based on their search history. Its database keeps track of the number of times a customer has bought or searched for something.

As you can see, if you are looking for safe ways to monetize your blog, WooCommerce is a great option to get you started.

“WooCommerce and Your Success” is a Guest Post by Josh Wardini.

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WooCommerce and Your Success
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WooCommerce and Your Success
Deciding how to sell your products, what approach is best for your brand to shine, and on top of that figuring out the technicalities of setting up an online shop can be a messy process.
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