WooCommerce keeps gaining Market Share

WooCommerce Market Share

According to the latest WooCommerce Usage Statistics (August 5, 2018) from BuiltWith, there are at least 3,303,023 websites using WooCommerce across the entire Internet.

WooCommerce Usage Statistics

As we pointed out in a previous Post, BuiltWith now differentiates between WooCommerce sites that have a functional checkout Page referring to them as “WooCommerce Checkout”, and those that don’t, placing them on a different category as simply “WooCommerce” websites. Not sure how they determine that, since the Checkout Page is installed by default in every WooCommerce installation, but in any case that’s why there appears to be a misleading drop in Market Share in the past year when in fact the real number of WooCommerce installations has increased almost 35% or by more than 1 million sites Internet-wide during that period.

This upward Historical Trend is also confirmed by the Web Technology Survey of W3Techs. As you can see in the graph below the percentage of websites using WooCommerce has increased from 3.5% to 4% in just 4 months. That’s quite an impressive increase, since these are trends measured on a global scale.

WooCommerce Historical Trends

The question that arises then is why if WooCommerce is going through such a period of phenomenal growth, the charts appear to be so misleading indicating the opposite? We observed this incongruence in many other sites, not only BuiltWith. There’s room for some conspiracy theories here especially for the bening kind, because it needs to be said that showing off such a huge growth in such a short period of time has rarely proven to be beneficial neither for a specific product, nor for the market as a whole.

But in any case, divagations apart it seems pretty clear that the future of WooCommerce is bright and that it will continue gaining Market Share at least during the short and medium future. There has probably never been a better time to hop on to the WooCommerce wagon than now, and if you need any assistance to create, maintain or optimize your WooCommerce site the team at ProWoos will be more than happy to help.

WooCommerce keeps gaining Market Share
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WooCommerce keeps gaining Market Share
The percentage of websites using WooCommerce has increased from 3.5% to 4% in just 4 months.
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