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How to make your WooCommerce store accessible

There are many owners of online stores who seem to think that their websites are of no interest to people with disabilities, or that the percentage of people with disabilities that could visit their stores is so small, that is not worth the investment needed to make their websites accessible. […]

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42% of all eCommerce sites are powered by WooCommerce

According to the most recent report from BuiltWith, 42% of all eCommerce sites are powered by WooCommerce. That’s an amazing over 1.7 million active stores. There are several convincing reasons for WooCommerce’s popularity, perhaps the most important is that stores powered by WooCommerce are not only free to use, but […]

WooCommerce System Status Report

Troubleshooting WooCommerce using the System Status Report

WooCommerce’s System Status Report contains very useful information about software versions, server settings, and your WordPress configuration. It can be accessed via the WooCommerce menu on WordPress’ admin left sidebar or by going to ‘your-site/wp-admin/admin.php?page=wc-status’   The System Status Report informs you of issues relevant for the optimal performance of […]